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Why #myodemocracy

Our democratic governments are broken; many of our political representatives cater more to self-interest with little accountability or transparency than fighting for their constituents. In our representative systems the person you elect has no obligation to vote the way you want them to, and are often instead pressured internally to vote along party-lines. Prior to election potential representatives and parties alike are often unclear about their agenda. Together this means that our Representative Democracies are barely democracies at all. The system needs to change to more accurately reflect the people’s needs and wants.

With our high rates of internet access and mobility across the modern world, it’s about time we had a direct say on the laws that so strongly affect us. We propose to develop a collaborative self-governance system that allows citizens to discuss and decide their own fate in a timely and civil manner. We propose to openly provide the data needed to make such decisions, and the tools with which to make them. The technology to do so is available. The desire for serious, fundamental change is growing.

It's time to #Vote4U



At Make Your Own Democracy, we plan to investigate and provide practical solutions for collaborative self-governance.

By “collaborative self-governance”, we mean that we want all constituents to be able to collaborate with each other to determine policies and have those laws implemented. We want constituents to have a say on how proposed changes are implemented and to have a clear understanding of the reasoning, strategies and costs behind it. We want “government” to be the administrators of the people’s will that they were meant to be, not to be polarising dictators of it. Current efforts by our governments are sorely lacking and social unrest is on the rise. Powerful lobbyists appear to have undue influence over our governments. Our public-paid research and advisory departments are often ignored by our politicians, sometimes to the detriment of the people. And come election-time, more time appears to be given to becoming re-elected than on governing.

We want a more efficient and effective government implementing policies that make real sense.


Initially we are targeting Australian politics, as that's where we're based, though other countries are welcome to join and investigate common solutions. Our current goals are in four main areas: Political, Financial, Research and Technological Support.

– Political Support

to gain political support in favour of allowing direct collaborative ownership from the public; for all voices to be heard equally.

– Financial Support

to gain financial support to ensure wealthy lobbyists aren't the loudest voice in the political room.

– Research Support

to provide real unbiased knowledge to the public in a manner that can be digested and decisions made from.

– Technological Support

to gain the technical expertise required to provide a collaborative system accessible to all constituents.


We have the tools and the knowledge, it's time we gave them to the people


What we propose

To support and facilitate “Self-Governance” in context of teams, organisations, States, regions, Countries and Globally.

We understand that what we propose is no small thing; to bring change to our current democratic governing structures. We propose to investigate different collaborative methods within small and large groups in order to begin to scale up to the size of a country or even to international efforts. We propose to partner with selected governments, organisations and individuals while maintaining an unbiased political opinion through full transparency. We propose to support the people and their needs over our own individual agendas.


To provide a platform that enables constituents to directly discuss ideas, concerns, risks and research with other constituents

Technology sits at the heart of many of today's societies, so it's no surprise that technology will be a primary focus at MYO Democracy. We propose to find ways to allow constituents to propose new ideas, concerns or problems, possible solutions to those problems, determine the potential costs and risks involved in those solutions with the research to support them in a healthy collaborative manner. But not everyone has access to technology, so we also propose to ensure that every person is provided an equivalent voice in a suitably easy manner.


to collectively drive strategic direction and implementation

We aim to provide the collaborative tools and related information for constituents to agree on appropriate solutions to given problem, how public funds are spent and what “return” you are likely to expect (e.g. surplus/deficit). Once a solution has been agreed by the constituents impacted by the problem, MYO Democracy will help you implement that solution. Ultimately the goal would be to have your decision recognised as a legal mechanism by your governing body and the money otherwise spent on lobbying, marketing and other competitive behaviors, to be used elsewhere in the economy.


To promote transparency on efficiencies and effectiveness of the operationalisation and administration of those strategies

We propose to bring transparency to government by providing easy and open access to applicable data and to collect data where none currently exists. We propose to provide you with an understanding of how your government departments are operating including their efficiency and effectiveness. MYO Democracy will attempt to become the world’s foremost transparent organisation.


To provide a central location for collective data when you need it most

Much of this is about collecting and presenting the wide-range of data already collected by various organisations and available in various formats, in a single cohesive and understandable way. We propose to enable verification and accuracy of this information and to provide it right when you need it most; when you make your voice heard.


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